How to bet different sports? Tennis in question

A lot of people don’t realize but although betting is similar to...

Table of contents:
  • How to bet different sports?
  • The most popular form of tennis betting?
  • Bets on the winner of the match
  • Bets on sets
  • Handicap bets
  • Over/under bets in tennis
  • Which option to choose?
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How to bet different sports?

A lot of people don’t realize but although betting is similar to some extent in all sports disciplines, there are several things one should pay attention to. The following article will show you several things we ought to always bear in mind. Only then, will you have the chance to bet tennis successfully, without any problems whatsoever.

So, without any unnecessary ado, let us present you the best ways of betting in tennis on the example of tennis tournaments.

The most popular form of tennis betting?

Yes indeed! When it comes to betting popularity, the most famous one, which are almost always encountered, regard betting on the victory of a tournament. Usually bookmakers offer “each way” types of bets. It means that one third of the ratio depends on the place your favourite takes in a tournament, whereas the rest is under the condition of him or her becoming a finalist or a winner.

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When it comes to tournaments, always pay attention to the fact that players are randomly shuffled when it comes to choosing their opponents. That is why in order to find the right value, we should take a closer look at particular tennis players in order to establish which sportsmen or sportswomen have better value.

For example, if a great player receives a very difficult set of opponents, whereas a less talented one receives a weaker group of players, then it is possible that the second player will be able to go far in the tournament. That is why it is a good idea to place a bet on the less talented player to go higher. Of course it needs to happen before the shuffle begins.

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Bets on the winner of the match

This is by far the most popular form of tennis betting. You just bet who is going to win in the particular match in the tournament. Contrary to football match, it is impossible to draw in tennis. A player can either win or lose match.

But before placing a bet, it is worth to draw our attention to several things. First thing is obviously the form of a given player. Just look how his last match did look like. Did he managed to win easily or had he some troubles? Is he confident, without any negative rumours around him or not?

Also, it is important to take under consideration the ground, on which the match is held. Grass is the fastest ground. It is because a ball flies lower and makes service even more important part of the match. Grass favours some players, whereas a ground made of brick or of other hard surface. Red clay courts are one of the slowest surfaces, whereas hard courts are believed to be an intermediate element. It is worth to take them into account when it comes to placing a bet. Think about which surface favours particular players.

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Since it is not possible to draw in tennis, then ratios on favourites are in many situations very low. That is why some bettors choose multiple bets, trying to find the best ratios. Unfortunately, this method can turned out to be flawed. Of course, you can still benefit from it if you are very good at betting and very good at finding values. If; however, you have difficulties in placing the right bets, then you will most likely lower the value. That is why it is necessary to calculate value for each bet in the right way and see the last results of each and every player that will be the part of the coupon, just to make sure you are as well informed as it is possible.

Bets on sets

Placing a bet on the score in sets is the same as betting in a final result in football. For example, in the situation when Player A wins 3 sets, whereas Player B wins 2 sets. It can be a great road for finding the value in bets if you have enormous knowledge about the specifics of the players. It is especially valuable in situations, when one of the players, who is an absolute favourite, has a tendency to start matches poorly.

Currently, a lot of bets regard the first set. If you manage to find a player that starts slowly (or the other way around), then you have quite big chance to find a high value.

Handicap bets

You can place bets a wide range of tennis games with handicap. The most common handicaps concern sets and games. When we talk about handicap bets, we usually bet whether a player wins with the help of handicap sets. It is a very similar to Asian handicaps in football. For example, you can place a bet on a tennis player that will win with -1.5 handicap. On the other way around, the player can receive a +1.5 handicap.

Handicaps on games are very similar. However, there is one, slight difference. In case of games, we take into account the total number of games played in a match. It can be an interesting form of betting because a favourite with low ratios that should win without losing even a set can have troubles in every one of them. It is also a great opportunity if you are familiar with his or her style and you know that one of the weaker tennis players can cause some troubles.

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Over / under bets in tennis

As in case of handicap bets, placing bets on under / over focuses on the total number of sets or games. For example, you can bet whether the match will end under or over sum of 3.5 sets, or under or lover 30.5 games.

It can be a great opportunity if you are having troubles in deciding who is going to win a match, but you know that it can be a long one. Thanks to that, you can use under / over bets because in such cases, it doesn’t matter who wins – as long as they play long enough or short enough!

The same thing concerns a match between a player with smaller potential that is unlikely to beat a favourite and the favourite. In such situation, you can place an under bet. Instead of placing a bet on a favourite, you can place a bet under, indicating that the match will end much faster than others anticipate.

Which option to choose?

As you can see, there are dozens of different methods that you can apply in order to place successful bets in tennis. Of course you still need to possess huge knowledge regarding this sports discipline and try out some of these strategies and see which one will fit you best. The most interesting option is to simply learn all of them and apply various strategies.