How to fight a gambling addiction?

If you ever placed an irrational bet that wasn’t thought through comprehensively, then...

Table of contents:
  • Gambling addiction
  • What is gambling addiction in the first place?
  • What are the reasons people fell into gambling addiction?
  • How to deal with addiction?
  • Is there any way you can get help from professionals?
  • Summary and conclusion
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How to fight a gambling addiction?

If you ever placed an irrational bet that wasn’t thought through comprehensively, then this article might be directed towards you. A lot of people believe that addiction does not concern you and that it is a problem of people, who cannot live without placing a bet for a day or two. The reality is; however, much more different and much more complex.

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The problem that we mentioned earlier on, meaning placing bets without thinking them through, can also be one of the ways gambling addiction manifests itself. If you want to know how to get rid of that feeling and be free from any suspicious of being gambling addict, then the article we prepared for you will definitely appeal to your taste.

Down below we will provide you with essential data that concerns gambling addition itself (what is it and who is prone to becoming addicted?). What’s more, we will also present you several reasons for you to believe that you have that problem. Obviously, we will also provide you with some explanations and certainly solutions that, if taken seriously, can help you with your issue.

What is gambling addiction in the first place?

Unfortunately, it is not only the problem of poor will and the need of risking. A lot of people find gambling very entertaining, and in order to keep that process going, they gamble more and more to the moment they are caught in the everlasting cycle. What’s more, it is more than certain that a lot of users, who start betting, will eventually exhibit one or two behaviours that characterize addicts.

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Can you accept the truth?

A lot of people live in denial, thinking that this problem does not concern them. Unfortunately, the problem of denying facts is one of the first issues that addictive gambler needs to face. It is because no one wants to solve an issue, when they do not see one. It is obvious, and that is why a lot of people find it difficult to even start the struggle.

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The best way to convince an addict that he or she is in denial is telling an addict to think about what he or she had done and think whether this behaviour suits him or her. There are several ways you can recognize whether you are dealing with addiction. The most obvious characteristic behaviour is that you have anxiety when you are not gambling. You also feel irritated when family or friends express their concerns. Let’s not forget about depression, guilt, and problems with other addictions like for example alcohol or drugs.

The problem arises if a person we love does not see a problem and we are the ones that witness it. In such situation, we are in the no-win situation. Why? Telling someone about addiction problems will almost always transform into fights.

A good thing to do is to present such person a video, where people discuss gambling addictions and ways of stopping it. What’s more, they usually provide us with additional information regarding the behaviour of an addict person. The best moment to show our loved ones the video is when they are in the right frame of mind and hope that logic will prevail.

How to deal with addiction?

Once you or someone you know faced the reality and realized that gambling addition is the issue they need to deal with, it is time for introducing some changes in the behaviour. It is obvious that changing the way you behave is very difficult if not in some cases impossible. However, there are dozens of videos that show you how to act when it comes to gambling habits.

Of course there are several things you should do right away when you figure out that you have got problems. Probably one of the most difficult things to do is to block all your betting and gambling accounts. Contacting your bookmakers and exchange services will be like a milestone, but once you do that and you get rid of the access to the platform, where you were cultivating your addiction, you will definitely thank yourself in moments, when you would not think logically and you would want to gamble. This is like a manual blockade that will stop you from going back to gambling or betting.

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It seems like a trivial thing to do, but it is always a good idea to talk to the ones that you love. Your family and your friends will always be there for you. They will always try to help you out and keep you from gambling. There are of course situations, where you cannot contact the closed ones. In such situations, it is imperative for you to find a support group. It is because we believe that a few words can be the reason for you to stay away from addiction.

Since gambling and betting addictions are strictly connected with your well-being and your mental state, you need to find a way to occupy your mind. A hobby that will help you forget about your problems. For example, instead of gambling, it is much better to hit the gym, go for a run, or meet with friends with whom you can talk.

You should also uninstall all the applications you had on your phone that are connected to gambling. It means that all the applications with statistics or with online, mobile betting sites or exchanges should be removed.

Is there any way you can get help from professionals?

As in case of alcohol addicts and drug addicts, there are plenty of websites, online support groups, or even local ones that will help you in dealing with problems related to gambling. Obviously, it all depends on the place you live, but there are international websites that provide you with tests that will help you realize whether you are dealing with problem or not.

What’s more, there are of course services that offer you all the information you need and at the same time they offer you counselling. If; however, you prefer talking to reading, then you can look for services that offer a 7 days a week free phone line. There are also live chatrooms, where you can meet and talk with others.

Summary and conclusion

There are many ways of fighting with a gambling addiction. It doesn’t matter whether the issue concerns you, your partner, or someone from your family. As long as a person realizes that the addiction problem concerns him or her, it is possible to apply various methods that will help out in this difficult situation.

Always remember that you are never alone in this struggle – there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of others, who are dealing with the same problem.