How to find the right bookmaker?

These days there are a lot of bookmakers that can...

Table of contents:
  • How to find the right bookmaker?
  • How reliable your bookmaker is?
  • The values of the betting odds
  • A number of different events to bet
  • Maximum and minimum wagers
  • What are the payment methods available out there?
  • How well does the customer service operate?
  • Summary and conclusion
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How to find the right bookmaker?

These days there are a lot of bookmakers that can offer you a list of betting that will certainly surprise you. The number of possibilities they offer is enormous. That is why betting is getting more and more popular. However, if you are one of the beginners, who just started their bookmaking journey, it is difficult to find the right bookmaker.

This is the reason why we decided to create this guide. Here, you will find several tips that will help you choose the right option for you. There are 6 things you should take into account while choosing the right bookmakers. It includes how reliable he is, what are the values of betting odds, the lines of betting and diversity in markets, max wager the particular bookmaker offers, payment methods that he offers, as well as reliable customer service.

How reliable your bookmaker is?

This is one of the most important, if not the most important element that you should take into account if you want to find a respected bookmaker online. Very often it happens that you just can’t trust bookmaker you found because there are situations of delays in withdrawing money, troubles with blocking accounts of users who are doing explicitly well, and some other elements of this kind.

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The best way to choose reliable bookmaker is to simply analyse ratings particular bookmaker has and see how many positive opinions there are. Keep in mind that you need to find objective comments, since a lot of bookies tend to “buy” advertisements and fake positive comments.

The values of the betting odds

A lot of people forget that betting odds values is the essential element when it comes to earning a lot of money. It is mostly because of the fact that these values reflect how much money bookmaker is taking for himself. It is all connected with margin percent and the fact that betting odds depend on it. Although margin percent, known also as guaranteed profit, can vary drastically (from 2% up to even 20%), it is important to notice that the lower number is, the better chances for gamblers to win.

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The topic of betting odds and their values is quite extensive, and that is why we strongly recommend learning more about odds formation and bookmaker margin to realize how important it is to look at these values before starting your journey with particular bookmaker.

A number of different events to bet

Betting line and the possibility to participate in variety of markets is yet another element worth noting. Since people pay attention to different aspects of every discipline, and they wish to utilize their knowledge about particular element, it is very important to join bookmakers that offer a lot of different events.

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It is quite certain that you are not going to be satisfied with several events to choose from. Especially if it is limited to a discipline you are not interested with. Of course nowadays it is much easier to see what kind of events particular bookmaker offers by simply visiting their page and checking out their offer.

Maximum and minimum wagers

If you are the beginning bettor, who just started journey with placing bets, then you will probably be interested with minimum wagers. Luckily for you, almost all the bookies provide us with small bets, due to the fact that most people wish to try out betting before getting involved seriously.

When it comes to maximum wages, we should remember about the first element we discussed, which is reliability. Reliable bookmakers will provide us with the opportunity to play “big” as long as they still can profit from that.

What are the payment methods available out there?

Since many bookmakers offer international betting events and they are created for foreigners as well, bookmakers should be capable of offering us very rich methods of depositing or withdrawing funds. Of course bear in mind that some of the bookies may struggle with customers’ credit cards. This is why we should be aware whether particular website gives us the chance to use our bank account without any problems.

Another element you should have a look at concerns the currency you are using. If you are a foreigner, then make sure that a betting site you are thinking about offers the same currency. If not, then you should know about extra fees when it comes to converting source money into target currency.

What is more, we should also pay attention to the speed of processing payments. How fast does the bettor accept your money? How fast does he send you money you won? All these elements are crucial when it comes to finding the right bookmaker.

How well does the customer service operate?

Although many people forget about this element, it is crucial to pay attention whether customer support is well rated. Sooner or later almost everyone will have a question. Once you write a support ticket, you would want to receive an answer as fast as possible with as much information as they can give you. Let’s not forget about the fact that you would expect getting rather personalized answers, not formal replies that are most often copied and pasted later on.

There are certain difficulties when it comes to verifying the quality of support service. Still, you can enter forums or websites with betting communities that can answer questions about that topic without registering on bookie’s side and trying support services on your own.

Summary and conclusion

Choosing the right bookmaker is of utmost importance due to the fact that this is a serious business. A serious business, where your money will land. That is why we strongly encourage you to follow these tips.

Of course we also recommend checking whether interface of the bookie’s page is user-friendly. In that way you will be able to understand everything that is going on in the page. Once you familiarize with all these tips and choose the right bookmaker, you will be able to make profits without worrying about scams and other issues.

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