Scams and scandals in sports betting

Now many people realize but there are hundreds of scams...

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Scams and scandals in sports betting – what to do in order to play safe?

Now many people realize but there are hundreds of scams and scandals – some are less popular, some are major – that happened, are happening, or will happen in the future. It is because betting governs its own rights and since huge money is involved in betting, there were many cases of scamming just to make profits.

The best way to show how sports betting is endangered by scams is the level of corruption in almost every sport discipline you can name. That is why we prepared for you several examples of one of the largest sports betting scandals that happened throughout the history of betting.

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One of the most infamous ones concern Pete Rose and the Cincinnati Reds

Pete Rose, known as one of the most loved baseball players and later on one of the best coaches of all time, was placing bets on the Cincinnati Reds while he was their coach. It is said that from 1985 up to 1987, he was placing even $10,000 per day on his club.

Once he was caught and MLB gathered evidence, he was permanently banned from the league. It means that although he won dozens of trophies and was considered one of the best players of his time, he couldn’t be placed in the Hall of Fame. Only in 2004, namely after more than 15 years, he admitted that was placing bets on the team he was coaching.

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Another example of a betting scandal took place in Formula 1 race

It happened during Singapore Grand Prix in 2008. While Nelson Piquet was driving ahead of Fernando Alonso, the Renault F1 team ordered Nelson to crash his car. Once he did it, Fernando Alonso won the race.

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FIA, the governing body of Formula 1 decided to start an investigation. Obviously, the found F1 Renault team guilty of conspiracy and they have banned the team from participating in F1 races for two years. What is more, the managing director of F1 Renault and executive director of engineering were banned for 5 years as a consequence of team orders.

2009 European Football Scandal

This was one of the biggest set of scandals and corruptions in European football, since it included over 200 matches. The organized crime ring in Europe was responsible for fixing the results of UEFA Champions League matches, what is one of the most popular and one of the most prestigious events in the entire Europe.

However, the authorities made use of wiretaps and made several arrests that, as it later on turned out, helped in collecting more data helpful in detaining more and more parties, which were responsible for this scam.

Sumo Wrestling scandal

Noteworthy is the fact that not only Western societies are endangered on scams. In the betting history of Sumo, one can find situations, where the wrestlers themselves were betting on events that concerned them.

More than 10 senor sumo wrestlers from Japan placed bets on the outcomes of matches in which they took part. In addition to that, they were also fixing them. One should remember that as a consequence of traditions and the values that we can find in sumo wrestling, such scandal peaked in popularity very quickly and it shook the entire country.

What are the ways of scamming in sports betting?

Although most of us think about scamming as simply fixing matches, it is very important to know that next to that, we should also distinguish software programs, investment scams and of course organised crime undergrounds. There are also betting syndicate scams.

Software scam usually concern situations, where particular author of such “program” or a group responsible for it claims that thanks to the use of this application, you will be getting very accurate, based on detailed data sports predictions with very high percentage of accuracy. Unfortunately, in many cases such sports predictions do not exist, or they are based simply on the luck.

As for investment scam, these usually are offered by people who claim to be professionals and who give you the opportunity to profit from their knowledge and expertise. It is quite simple – your money is invested in their skill of sports betting. Of course the only betting sports investment that we recommend is investing in your close friend, and not an entirely stranger.

When it comes to betting syndicate scams, we should remember about special groups that offer you joint betting. It simply involves taking huge amount of money into betting pool and then bet wagers together. Of course in many cases such betting syndicate is composed of trusted people – close friends, etc. However, if you are approached by someone or you receive a link to join betting of this kind, you should be careful, since in many cases you don’t know how they are going to spend your money – they do not provide you with any track record.

So then, how to play safe?

First of all, you need to remember about trusting yourself. Your instincts are usually the ones that will help you realize whether something is a good idea or not. It is because you should be 100% comfortable while betting sports events – either yourself, via betting investment system, software, or a group.

What is more, you cannot make decisions under pressure. This is one of the simplest and one of the most often mistakes that people make. Although you may feel like you are running out of time and that you are about to miss a huge win, there will always be time to place wager – if not now, then in a near future. Do not act quickly, as some of the scammers will encourage you.

Finally, always remember to do your own homework. There will be never more solid, more trustworthy method of sports betting than placing bets via yourself. If; however, you want to join a sports investment or betting software, make sure you scan it properly. Verify whether people around it are legit and if people inside the group really enjoy its results.

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