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The Best Football Prediction Site in the World

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Hello everyone to Betting Loupe,

Our website was created in response to many questions about betting predictions appearing on social networking sites, Internet forums, and others. At once with friends, we decided to build Betting Loupe and take all kinds of betting tips services under the microscope and then review consistently them.

On our blog, you will also find many useful articles about sports predictions. We want to educate and help in sports and betting.

Below we present a ready knowledge base, which we are gradually expanding along with new experiences. Our priority is to thoroughly check each of the described providers, to present its flaws, advantages and to check the real effectiveness. We try to document the whole on posted screenshots, in published statistics and prepared updates.

We hope that the information, knowledge, and reviews that you will find at Betting Loupe will be useful for you.

Tom - Editor, Betting Loupe

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Table of contents:
  • Betting groups
  • Different sports disciplines
  • Comments and opinions
  • Which sports picks group to choose?
  • Differences between typing groups than other betting predictions?
  • How to make money in betting football?
  • What tips are the most effective?
  • Why do we want to find the best football predictions site in the world?
  • Solo soccer prediction or accumulator bet?
  • What pitfalls should you watch out for online?
  • When is the best bet for sports betting?
  • Our goal
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Betting groups

Betting groups are places, where the owners of channels share the access to the history of their own sports predictions for today, tips for tomorrow, and analyses for the upcoming days. The community is governed by the best analytics in the world and people, who have been engaged in betting for many years. Teams mainly consist of professionals, who were previously posting their results on the best forums for bettors. Each and every one of them is gaining profits on the bookmakers’ markets with success. At the same time, they provide the opportunity to use their bets for wider audience. The groups that we tested differ heavily from each other. What’s more, they are based on different rules, but their goal is always the same – gain profits from betting tips.

Different sports disciplines

In tested groups we didn’t want to focus only on soccer predictions. We analyse places, where analytics provide us with volleyball tips, hockey (including NHL tips), basketball prediction (mainly for NBA tips), dart tips, baseball predictions, cricket tips, snooker tips, rugby, handball, and tennis betting tips. Each group is known as completely different. In some cases, they provide soccer predictions tomorrow. Some of them deal with niche leagues in different disciplines, but most of them are a bet365 prediction. Some other focus on leagues that are much more popular like for example Champions League, Serie A, Premier League, or La Liga. It is all dependent on the bettors and on the fact where they see the possibility to multiply funds. A huge advantage of our comparison is that we thoroughly describe what kind of signals you can expect in specific channels. Thanks to that you can choose the best option for you.

Comments and opinions

Our comparison is based on a full knowledge we obtained during test best football prediction site. However, we also provide you with the opportunity to share your own experience connected to the activity of particular group by posting your comments and defining whether a particular group was, in your view, positive or negative. If you ever used the services of one of the providers and you used their tips – share your opinion and help others in choosing the right channel. We are fair community that is capable of detecting scams that operate on the market. At the same time, we can distinguish the best football prediction site in the world that in fact will help us to profit in bookmaking in 2019 and the following years.

Which sports picks group to choose?

Everything depends only on you and your preferences. Our information should help you choose the best option. Some of our users prefer to get access to a group in which there are only a few types of sports per day, while others prefer providers that provide over a dozen predictions during the day. Another important criterion in the selection is what disciplines are taken into account by listed suppliers. In our database we have practically all sports that are available on bookmakers' websites. From soccer prediction, cricket betting tips, NHL picks, NBA tips or MLB picks. The choice is really big and allows you to easily choose the best option for you.

Differences between typing groups than other betting predictions?

Groups are primarily teams made up of analysts and base each of their choices on the experience acquired during the game. So you can be sure that there is a person who is familiar with soccer picks on the other side. On the other hand, zulubet, soccervista, vitibet websites are simple, ready-made algorithms that retrieve data in real time, analyze it and make it available on the website. In this case, the algorithm does not take into account such factors as injuries, club situations, decisions of the coaching staff and many others that people can verify. This is a big advantage of betting tips providers over websites with free sports picks.

How to make money in betting football?

You'll find lots of information on this topic on our tipster blog. At this point, however, we would like to introduce you to some important issues. To make money from betting, you should remember the basic rules:

  • never bet on the band you are a fan of
  • take advantage of promotions and bonuses from bookmakers
  • do not bet on the results of the final matches or deciding on relegation and promotion
  • control your emotions

What tips are the most effective?

There is no definite answer to this question. A lot depends on which sports market you know best. There are many possibilities to determine your own path in typing. Some bettors will regularly make profits predicting the number of goals in selected football matches, others predicting goals from specific goals, and others on sportstake tips. You just have to find your own soccer hot tips and see if your performance will allow you to earn money regularly. However, if you do not feel good enough expert in a given discipline and you already know that you will not be able to bet effectively yourself - check the groups tested by us and choose the one that suits you best. Thanks to this you will receive today soccer tips, tomorrow soccer tips and sometimes even predictions for long-term bets.

Why do we want to find the best football predictions site in the world?

First of all, because we use the types provided by tipster groups ourselves. Our main goal is to reap the financial benefits of betting on sporting events! It will never change. By the way, we want to share acquired knowledge with you. We are glad that we can select the best football prediction sites in the world and publish our experiences to thousands of readers!

Solo soccer prediction or accumulator bet?

Accumulation and single bets have both advantages and disadvantages. The most annoying fact about combined betting is that you will often only miss one correct accurate football prediction to succeed in the entire coupon. It's really depressing. The big downside of single bets is that in order to actually make a profit at the rate of @ 2 you need to have over 51% efficiency. So you have to be sure that you have sure win football predictions, basketball predictions, hockey predictions or other sports predictions. At the rate of @ 4, it is enough that your effectiveness will be above 25% so that you can effectively increase your capital. However, remember that the higher the odds, the less the chance of type correctness. For example, at the rate of @ 10, the chance of winning is less than 10%. However, everything depends on your prediction skills. There are experts who, at high rates, can achieve the efficiency that allows for regular profit.

What pitfalls should you watch out for online?

First of all, you need to watch out for the slogans `free soccer prediction`, `free betting tips`, `free soccer predictions for today` etc. Something that is free never has any substantive value. Only fraudsters act like that. A better solution is betting on your own or using trusted and reliable suppliers. We are sure that the types you come up with will be of the same value as the free bet predictions mentioned above.

When is the best bet for sports betting?

There is never the best time to bet correctly. However, be aware that the closer the start of an event, the more closely the rates reflect real predictions. Team compositions are then easier to verify, it is known who as a result of an injury will not be able to appear in the meeting, etc. If you are looking for an opportunity and want to hit the best bet of the day - you need to delve into the transmitted messages about the event and prepare your own based on them today match prediction.

Our goal

Our actions are primary of an illustrative nature. It means that we use descriptions, updates, and screens in order to share crucial knowledge about how the football prediction sites look like before even joining the group and purchasing a subscription package. Thanks to us you can verify whether rules followed on a particular group will suit your expectations and whether it is worth to try out their offer. Thus, we want to select the best analytics and flag out scammers, who urge you to use their services, providing you with false and very misleading statistics as well as information. Because of what we create in Betting Loupe, you will be able to specify which group, according to you, is the best and who will be the most suitable for providing you with bookmaking tips for today, and soccer predictions tomorrow. Our mission is to find top soccer prediction sites for you.