What can professional sports bettors offer?

There are hundreds of advertisements of successful sports bettors...

Table of contents:
  • What can professional sports bettors offer?
  • Who can be your tutor? A list of several examples that can motivate you!
  • Summary and conclusion
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What can professional sports bettors offer? Learn from the best!

There are hundreds of advertisements of successful sports bettors that claim they won a fortune on betting. No wonder – the possibility to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars by simply placing a bet on the team you think will win seem to be very simple. However, there are people who can earn even more by simply sharing knowledge about sports discipline they love.

Although you can make use of plenty different methods that can help you in betting, there is one way that will never get old and it is simply learning from the best. You can easily find people who share their tips and provide many different instructions and guides for the people, who are just beginning with the journey.

But who could be the best sports bettor to listen to? Here is a list of several people whose tips will definitely help you out!

Who can be your tutor? A list of several examples that can motivate you!

Adrian Hayward

One of the first persons we would like to present you is Adrian Hayward. His main area of expertise is football. At the very beginning of his journey with betting, he decided to trust his intuition and, surprisingly, his dream. In this dream, a Liverpool footballer managed to score a goal from his own half. As you can guess, Hayward did place a bet – quite huge one because it was a £200 bet. To his and everyone else’s surprise, in the next match Xabi Alonso wanted to score an equalizer. Once he noticed opponent’s goalkeeper out of position, he made an attempt. Luckily for him, his team, and Adrian Hayward himself, he scored a goal from more than half a pitch. In that way a £200 bet turned out to be a £25,000 win.

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Of course some of you may think that it was pure luck and such situation won’t happen again in the near future. However, it is worth to note that, as Adrian says, it was not pure luck, but also experience and knowledge about past matches. You see, he noticed that Xabi Alonso was very keen on making long shots. This is how, combined with his intuition, he decided to place a bet.

Nick Newlife

The next example shows us a man who believed in a talent of someone, who was really gifted. This someone was Roger Federer, who managed to win his first Wimbledon in 2003. At that time, the bets for him to winning 6 further Wibledon titles was 66-1. As you can guess, Nick Newlife, as a huge tennis fan and quite experienced player, noticed how gifted and skilled the player really is.

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Although Nick Newlife wasn’t fortunate to witness his bet becoming a real thing, since he died before that, it is still very important to notice that this place certainly paid off. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what prompt Nick to place such bet, because we cannot interview him and he did not have any close relatives. Still, this story proves that if you are a huge fan of a selected discipline, and you certainly see someone who will probably, in the nearest future, become an extraordinary player, it is worth to consider placing a bet on him.

Fred Craggs

If you look at another example, then you can safely say that it was pure luck. However, was it really just a luck? Fred Craggs decided to celebrate his 60 birthdays by placing, what many of you would say, an impossible bet. He decided to spend half a pound (yes, £0.50) for an accumulator bet. The bettor himself claimed that he placed bets on particular horses because he really liked their names.

No one though that a bet with odds 2,000,000-1 would ever be successful. Imagine surprise on Fred’s face when all 8 horses on which he placed a bet win their races. Because of that, it was possible for Fred to take the entire million pounds home. Of course this example simply states that if you are lucky enough, you can win tons of money.

Mick Gibbs

If we are talking about luck, it is certainly worth to note the case of Mick Gibbs, a bettor who won several “lucky” bets throughout several years. Of course one could say that the situation in which Fred Craggs found himself was sheer luck. However, Mick Gibbs wasn’t just lucky – he was very experienced, possessed huge knowledge, and made use of his love for football in order to win thousands of pounds without the slightest problem.

Of course at the beginning everyone could say that it was just a luck, especially if you win more than £150,000 from a single bet that costed him £2.5. However, if the situation repeats itself two years later, then it is not just a luck – it is the combination of gigantic knowledge and expertise. It only proves that if you win half a million pounds by placing an accumulator bet of £0.30 worth, you know things.

Billy Walters

Last but certainly not least example how you can become successful thanks to betting is the king of sports betting, namely Billy Walters. At the beginning of his journey, he spent a lot of time playing professional poker. However, once he left it and became a full-time professional bettor, he made millions out of it.

There were two, according to Billy himself, factors that had an influence on how much he won. It was the data analysis he made every time he was about to place a bet and of course business style risk and reward model. In this way we can understand that for Billy Walters, sports betting was not just a game or a hobby. It was a business that had to be well flourished in order to remain successful.

One of the biggest victories was his infamous bet, when he won tens of millions dollars in 2010 during Super Bowl.

Summary and conclusion

Although these several examples prove that at the beginning luck can be useful, it is only a small fracture of what is needed to become successful bettor. One needs to take into account our betting form, betting on the so-called underdogs, mastering one particular sport, and of course cold, well-though, planned betting!

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