Learn the best strategies and tips to win live bets!

Long time ago bookmakers made sure that...

Table of contents:
  • Betting live? Learn the best strategies and tips to win live bets!
  • Is it possible to make live betting profitable?
  • You won’t find a perfect solution regarding live bets
  • What should we focus on while live betting?
  • Summary and conclusion
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Learn the best strategies and tips to win live bets!

Long time ago bookmakers made sure that it was possible to bet only before the match or any other event started. That is why some of the bettors were missing out quite a lot of attractive bets. Luckily for you, the advancement and introduction of online betting allowed us to place bets long after the kickoff. Nowadays, live betting is available in many different bookmakers all over the world.

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Similarly to what traditional betting is, live betting provides us with adrenaline and, obviously, a lot of profits as long as you know how to bet. We don’t need to say that besides that, it is also a very attractive and exciting activity that, for example, allows us to place bets in almost every possible moment during the match, even after the first half.

While looking for strategies and tips that will help you during live betting, we should bear in mind that it is nearly impossible to find a 100% working solution. Tricks may vary and in many cases even the most sophisticated strategy won’t work all the time. That is why we shouldn’t think about live betting and strategies that regard this subject as something certain. Of course you can improve your chances, but you will never create a 100% sure bet.

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Is it possible to make live betting profitable?

The short answer is yes. However, truth to be told there is more to say about it. Live betting systems can, of course, be profitable. Still, we need to know what we’re doing because as it happens in case of traditional betting, we can make numerous mistakes. We can, for example, make decisions based on our emotions and not on an objective judgment. If you lose control over your emotions and place bet because of your hunch or because you feel like it, then you will most likely lose a lot of bets. It may not concern you at the beginning, but you will definitely experience it in the long term situation.

During live betting, people tend to get too excited. As a result, they are unable to analyse situation on the pitch and many other conditions that may have an impact on the final outcome. For this reason, it is highly recommended to have some experience when it comes to traditional betting before we begin our journey with live matches.

You won’t find a perfect solution regarding live bets

There were numerous cases when bettors thought that perfect system can give them huge rewards. However, they lost a lot because of that. That is the reason why it is much better to apply a live betting strategy and bear in mind that it is just a strategy that may or may not result in a win.

First of all, we should bear in mind that applying martingale system at live betting will definitely end up in us losing all money we have. That is why you should avoid it at all cost and never think about betting in that way. This system is quite often seen in case of casino games like for example roulette. If we place a bet and then we lose, we multiple next bet by 2. We do that until we win. Although it may seem like a good idea, especially when we find bets with odds that are approximately 2.0 (these odds present rather probable outcome), we still need to remember that the possible reward is small, whereas later on, when we lose several bets in a row, the amount of money we lose will be very large.

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One of the most important reasons why this idea won’t work in case of betting is because bookmakers made precautions in the form of maximum betting limits. In that way even if we could place huge bets, it is not possible due to limits. Martingale and any other progressive system we may apply won’t work because if we reach the betting limit without winning, we will simply lose all the money.

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Yet another reason why you shouldn’t be using this method is simply because professionals do not use it! This is due to the fact that they are very costly, they are great only in case of very long-term investments, and they are not as efficient as you think they can be.

What should we focus on while live betting?

If we wish to win live bets, we should put the emphasis on minimizing potential loses. It means that contrary to what others may think, we cannot focus only on gaining as much as it is possible. We have to limit the amount of money we lose and prepare ourselves for small payouts.

There are several ways we can use in order to minimize our losses. One of them is the use of special markets and live betting arbitrage. In that way we can even make betting an investment that is free of risk. The afore-mentioned arbitrage is the combination of standard betting that happened before the match started and live betting, after the kickoff. Of course to make arbitrage, we have to remember about favourable odds that will cover the risk and make the bets in such way that all possible outcomes will be covered.

That is why live betting strategy that will most likely work concerns placing two opposite wagers. This is the method that will always provide us with a very small amount of reward. However, sometimes it is not possible to do that and if we place a wager, we may not be able to put an opposite bet to minimize the loss.

Yet another interesting idea is to make use of over and under live betting strategy. It resolves around placing bets on one person or a club. Let’s assume that there is a team that lost a lot of matches recently. The coach was fired and then the new one appeared, introducing new players into a team. In such situation, there is a big chance that the club will win the next match and that they will win with lots of points or goals.

Summary and conclusion

There are of course many other tips and tricks you can use while live betting. For example, it is also a good idea to learn more about in play corner betting strategy that people use in case of uncommon events and exotic outcomes.

Live betting is much riskier for the beginners. That is the reason why we encourage everyone to learn more about the traditional betting and strategies that may help you. Once you take control over your emotions, you won’t be having troubles with introducing most common strategies in live betting.