What is the best Gambling movie of all time?

If we were to indicate the best one...

Table of contents:
  • What is the best Gambling movie of all time?
  • Casino
  • Casino Royale
  • The Sting
  • The Hustler
  • 21
  • The Cincinnati Kid
  • The Gambler
  • Rounders
  • High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story
  • Summary and conclusion
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What is the best Gambling movie of all time? See our list!

If we were to indicate the best one, it would be very difficult. That is why instead of choosing one, we decided to prepare a list of 9 gambling movies that in our view, are of the highest quality. Because of obvious reasons, we couldn’t list many other titles that deserved a recognition. This is why you will certainly disagree with some of the picks that we chose. Still, in some way we believe these productions deserved to find its way on the list. It is all due to the fact that the following list offers us movies that talk about wide range of gambling-related topics. This is why you will find here typical casino-oriented movies, titles that focus on online gambling, and many other elements. But the most important reason why these films made it to the list is simply because they are great in general.

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The first and probably the most famous movie that concerns gambling is the one with simple name “Casino”. There, we can find such tremendous movie stars as Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. The thing that makes this movie great, besides great actors, is gripping storyline that tells us about a casino owner who deals with mafia. Unfortunately, as we later on find out, erratic behaviour of a psychotic enforcer is becoming dangerous not only for himself, but also for the owner of a casino. An incredible performance together with great shooting and storyline, and of course gambling-oriented theme creates one of the best movie regarding not only casinos or gambling, but in cinematic history in general.

Casino Royale

Certainly interesting option for most of you will be the one with Daniel Craig as the main star. Casino Royale is not only a great poker-oriented production, but also one of the best Bond. It makes the title even more entertaining and interesting. In this instalment, Bond will have to take on the villain but in the form of poker-playing Le Chiffre (in this role starring Mads Mikkelsen). The entire story culminates in the casino in Monte Carlo, when we can notice a fantastic, breath-taking showdown in an all-or-nothing game. Obviously, the poker itself is just fabulous and stunning – the performance of actors and the entire theme simply proves it.

The Sting

The thing that makes this movie so attractive is of course incredible performance of both Paul Newman and Robert Redford. This duo offers us one of the best con-man movies that regard gambling topic in the history of movie-making. In here, the professional fiddler meets amateur one. Together they decide to take on a big fish who loves gambling. The movie distinguishes from other thrillers thanks to its numerous twists and cliffhangers that will certainly surprise you. The final outcome of the long-lasting con will be definitely something you wouldn’t predict to happen.

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The Hustler

If you love classic movies, then The Hustler will be the best thing you could choose. The tale we receive in this movie takes place in so distant past that online gambling was as close to reality as flying cars in these days. The entire plot focuses on Eddie Felson, who loses most of his money. The only person that is capable of helping him out is Bert Gordon. This is one of the best movies that focuses on the history of gambling in US. This is how you can learn more about the times when gambling was just starting to grow.


If you love Kevin Spacey, then “21” is probably the best criminal movies for you. It is also a great option if you look for a title that concentrate on Blackjack. Math professor Micky Rosa (who is played by Kevin Spacey), trains his students to count cards in order to win large prizes in one of the major casinos on their Vegas trip. Besides the fact that the authors of the movie made sure to present all the tricks and all the interesting things regarding blackjack, we will also find here a very gripping story. Filled with trickery, betrayal and adrenaline, this is definitely the best card counting and blackjack related movie of all time.

The Cincinnati Kid

Yet another classic when it comes to gambling stories is the one presented in “The Cincinnati Kid”. The movie itself is classic and offers us great performance in almost every aspect – including great roles by Steve McQueen and Edward G Robinson. It made this production one of the greatest poker movies in the world. It is not a criminal movie – just a regular drama with gripping scenario of a very talented youngster who decides to challenge the best poker player in the world. The main character of the series offers plenty of interesting storylines that will definitely appeal to your taste.

The Gambler

Yet another movie that gives us a great casino-oriented story is “The Gambler”. James Caan personates a university professor. He is addicted to casino gambling and as the movie progresses further, we see how a wonderful mind collapses into the madness and circle of loans and borrowings that influence his mental state. The climax of the movie is pure genius. This is one of the best movies about addiction and gambling, and we are certain that many people will identify with the character all the time.

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Matt Damon in “Rounders” offers us incredibly spectacular performance. He is a young student who decides to pay for his university fees in the way he knows best – by making money while playing poker. Besides young Matt Damon, the movie also introduces such famous stars as John Malkovich and Edward Norton. As we watch the movie, we learn that the producers made sure to present poker as realistic as it is possible. That is why we will see here authentic depictions of strategies that one can apply during poker games.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

If we are more into biographic movies, then we should definitely familiarize ourselves with the story of one of the best poker players in the world. Michael Imperioli is an actor who takes the role of Stu Ungar himself. It is the story from the start to the end – from his peaks to his lows. We can see here how the only person in the world that won WSOP Main Event tournaments 3 times collapse and lose everything he achieved in no time. This is devastating, yet very entertaining movie with top performance.

Summary and conclusion

Although there are many other movies of this kind, it is worth to note that we believe these 9 offers us great diversity in terms of particular gambling areas. What is more, we can notice here not only movies with criminal underworld and full of action, but biographic or pure drama titles that offer us something more than just a pure entertainment.

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