Types of bettors - comparison

Online bookmakers are usually filtering their clients...

Table of contents:
  • Types of bettors
  • Players based on their betting style
  • Regular bettor
  • Smart bettor
  • VIP bettors
  • Surewin Hunter
  • Bonus abusers
  • Female bettor
  • Syndicate
  • Cheater
  • Fixer
  • Trader
  • Summary and conclusion
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Types of bettors

Online bookmakers are usually filtering their clients. They do that in order to add comments to their profiles and to prepare appropriate discounts or other features. It is worth to note to which category given bookmaker will put us in order to know our limits and to know what to expect.

Players based on their betting style

It is no mystery that bookmakers are monitoring the gambling habits and behaviours of selected customers. Every bookmaker has got a customer selection system. The employees who work for a bookie usually spend their time on assigning customers to categories. Thanks to that, they maximize long-term profits. We can find confirmation of these words in many bookmakers’ regulations:

“6.11 In order to reduce the risk of money laundering, STS will monitor (…) all the gambling habits and behaviour of the customer in order to assure that transactions are consistent with our knowledge of the customer’s risk profile”

“1.10 The maximum win per bet is limited to $12.500 or to the equivalent in any other currency. DOXX reserves the right to set different maximum prizes for individual customers”

Regular bettor

For a bookie, regular bettor is almost ever new customer. Such bettor receives a “base limit” at the start unless his gender, nationality, or IP address indicates that he is not an ordinary bettor.

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Regular bettors usually place bets that has no value or they place bets at bookies that do not have the best odds on the market at this moment. As a result, in a long run he or she will lose money in spite of received bonuses.

Regular bettors are also people who deal with multiple bets, the ones that are hot-headed or they do not stick to their betting rules.

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Smart bettor

Smart bettor is a professional bettor who applies different techniques that are supposed to help us in achieving profitable results. He or she is cold-headed, is capable of managing his or her funds well, and places bets with average or high stakes.

Smart bettors usually receive lower limits and their amount is dependent on what system they use and how much money they won from the bookie.

VIP bettors

Very Important Person is usually a casual bettor who plays with high stakes. Usually, he or she loses a lot of money doing so, because there are no advanced tools or techniques applied during betting. It is the most wanted type of customer for a bookmaker. That is why VIPs will usually receive many different benefits (like for example money bonuses, items, lesser restrictions). We can distinguish VIP because he or she:

  • Does not know or does not use the valuebet term;
  • Plays with his or her heart;
  • Places bets on popular events like Champions League or English league;
  • Often bets disciplines popular for his or her country;
  • Is interested in placing bets in multiple bets.

Surewin Hunter

Surewin Hunter is a bettor that makes use of one particular system, which consists in surebets. Surebet bettors are usually the group of people with the most strict limits – they are allowed to play with even 0.5-2% of the limit of regular bettor (at many bookies, it is equivalent of several euro per bet).

Bonus abusers

Also known as bonus hunters, these bettors are known for creating accounts only in order to receive a welcome bonus and after that, finish their adventure. From the bookie’s point of view, such bettors are highly unprofitable and disloyal. The deal itself is a big bane of online bookmakers who offer welcome bonuses to new players. All abuses of this type detected by bookmakers are suppressed quite fast.

The extreme case of bonus extortion was 35-year old Andrei Osipau, who has extorted almost ÂŁ 80,000 from bookmakers. He forger over 5900 passports, ID cards, and fake bills to get money from welcome bonuses. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Female bettor

From the very beginning female bettor is in the circle of bettors “taken under consideration” due to the fact that the real number of women placing bets is 4%. Quite often inexperienced players set up accounts on their girlfriends or fiancés just to bypass limits and restrictions or to acquire welcome bonus. In case of verification via phone, bookmaker will prove that registered person is not the one that makes use of the account and therefore will confiscate all the won bets and block the account.

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Syndicate is a group of bettors who are strictly cooperating with other smart bettors. Most often this is a group of people who cooperate with the use of closed forums and possess highly valuable information. These information never leave the forum.

Bookmaker is capable of finding out these people by simply looking at very similar bets, usually the series of similar bets in a very short period of time. Such persons usually receive additional restrictions.


Cheater is a bettor that takes advantage over technical imperfections of the bookie. From the bookmaker’s point of view, it is unethical.

Cheating methods consists of applying the following techniques:

  • Betting on not blocked odds – in football, after the goal is scored, the bettor can place a bet before the bookie block the odds. It is known as late bet and if bookmaker notices it, the bet is invalidated;
  • Not changed odds – placing bets before the odds are changed after scoring important point – such bet can be calculated normally or with the use of new odds if bookmaker reserved such right in the rules and regulations. A bookmaker can also cancel the bet;
  • Swapped odds – the so called misprint;
  • Bookmaker has awarded the wrong player with a point or a goal – There are situations that bookmaker is not cancelling a bet because of such mistake. Instead, they are modifying the bet in such way it should look before the mistake. The method which bookmaker chooses should be specified in the rules;
  • Betting after or before the event has started;
  • Technical issues;
  • Other situations – usually they are the result of the difference between the event occurred and the block of the bet by the bookie.


Fixer is a bettor that possesses information about fixed matches or he bets such ones. He bets high stakes on often high odds. As a result of winning such matches, some fixers managed to buy a house for the money they won. Easy money can lead beginning bettors on the “wrong path”.

Bookmakers severaly restrict such players. These are unwanted customers. Look at the topic of fixed matches.


Trader is a bettor that doesn’t care about limits of any sort. His main goal is to trade bets in betting exchange. It requires additional software, highly specialized knowledge on many disciplines and the system of trading itself.

That is why you can see many professional players on betting exchanges. Becoming a professional trader is an ultimate step in the betting career.

Summary and conclusion

Bookmakers divide customers on categories based on financial issues. Unwanted customers are receiving limits. Wanted customers can hope for additional bonuses, special discounts, and extraordinary benefits.

Bookmakers are assessing particular player on the basis of his or her bets – how often does bettor play, how much, how long, what is his or her frequency when it comes to withdrawing, how much he lose and how much he win, and what country does he or she come from.

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