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Virtual sports, which are also simply called virtuals, should not be considered as a discipline...

Table of contents:
  • What are the virtual sports?
  • And how do such virtual sports look like?
  • How to place a bet on the virtual sports?
  • What are the most crucial advantages of the virtual sports?
  • And what about the disadvantages?
  • Virtual sports in the European countries
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What are the virtual sports?

Virtual sports, which are also simply called virtuals, should not be considered as a discipline but rather as a kind of services which is offered by some bookmakers only. This service allows you to place a bet on the results and the entire course of the particular event which lasts about 3 minutes. There is a wide range of sports disciplines available. You can choose football matches or the basketball ones as well as horse racings. Most importantly, you have to bet the final result of a specific match of the result of the first half of the gameplay.

Nevertheless, sometimes you can use the handicap option or the over/under feature. Remember that you won’t be given the bets of the double chance, the time of the first goal and many more options which are available only in the real matches.

And how do such virtual sports look like?

These are not the real matches with the real human players. This is the algorithm playing with an another one under the watchful eye of the referee which is the other algorithm itself. As a player, you do not control the animated figures, but you are to analyze all the statistics given before the match and, basing on them, decide what you want to gamble on. There are only about 3 minutes given for you to make a choice and, later on, the match begins during which you will be shown only the most crucial shortcuts, such as goals and offsides.

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Moreover, you have to remember that there are also the randomness elements which may complicate the entire gameplay and the final results. Otherwise, it would not make any sense if the statistics showed from the very beginning which team is more powerful and who can win actually. Therefore, it becomes more demanding, and in the same way, more intriguing if you are given a chance to use your skills of thinking and analyzing to achieve your goal.

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How to place a bet on the virtual sports?

As far as placing a bet on the virtual sports is concerned, we have to be familiarized with the specific distinction into the easier and the more difficult betting. When it comes to the easy one, you have to take a quick look at what may draw your attention the most and, then, you are to take an exchange rate which should be adequate to the statistics which you are focused on. Later on, you have to send a token and just wait. What happens then? You win or you lose and this is the core of the easier way of betting. Neither thinking nor analyzing are necessary for you to place a bet.

However, if you choose the more difficult way, you are to accept the fact that this type is more time consuming and requires a lot of thinking and analyzing. If you want to act sensibly, you need to think reasonably, analyze the statistics a lot and take many possible options into account. The point is that you cannot be too emotional and you cannot go off the deep end simply because it does not mix with the positive results in this case.

If you are not sure if you manage to place a bet properly, firstly, jot you picks down on a piece of paper, wait a couple of minutes and check the results. Repeat the action several times to make sure that the results may bring you some theoretical profits. Simply, you have to get familiar with all the rules and find out what it is all about actually. Later on, only if you succeed, try to place a bet for real money.

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What are the most crucial advantages of the virtual sports?

The virtual sports bring a lot of relevant benefits for the potential bettors. One of the most undisputed advantages is definitely the pace of the entire event. To be more exact, such pace of a specific gameplay is very quick and provides the bettors with a lot of emotions which are strongly connected with following the events, matches and races.

Moreover, you are given an opportunity to place a bet all the time, actually around the clock. There are only very short breaks between the particular events. It may satisfy everyone since, throughout the whole day, they are capable of watching and placing a bet on even several hundred gameplays. What is also significant is the fact that it won’t take long until you are familiar with all the rules of such virtual sports.

Eventually, this kind of knowledge is more likely to be acquired than the rules of the real matches with the real human players involved. Consequently, betting on particular events becomes easier as well.

It is also worth mentioning that the exchange rates are considered to be attractive for the bettors. More often, we can meet the situation when the mentioned exchange rates are closer to 1.20 or 1.30 rather than the ones which are closer to 1.10. Furthermore, there are more and more rates which are near the value of 2.0. A very crucial benefit is that, after winning the bet, all the gained money is located on your bank account almost immediately.

Moreover, pay attention to some additional benefits as well. You are also given an opportunity to place a bet just right before the event begins or during livestream. If you succeed, you can become a member of the official ranking offered by the bookmaker you have chosen.

And what about the disadvantages?

It seems to be obvious that a plenty of attractive benefits offered by the bookmakers becomes more and more appealing, and draws the attention of the majority of the bettors. Yet, there is another side to the picture. Despite a number of advantages, you should be aware of the possible disadvantages of this phenomenon.

First of all, it is necessary to note that betting on the virtual sports is very often connected with some kind of risk. To explain, we, as the bettors, are not familiar with the teams which we want to gamble on, we do not know the players themselves and their condition from the previous “meetings”. As a consequence, such betting does not resemble the betting of the real kind since we are deprived of the opportunity to analyze the event in and out.

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In fact, going over all these statistics and thinking about the possible results do not make any sense in most cases. Therefore, we may simply consider this kind of betting as a “tossup”. The point is that it is all about the algorithm which is almost impossible either to be worked out or to be deceived.

Another drawback of the virtual sports lies in the pace of the entire event. Though it was mentioned before as a benefit, it may also work as a negative aspect. By virtue of the short period of time available for placing a bet, it seems to be impossible for all the bettors to make a reliable analysis of the statistics and the possible results. It simply means that also tipping the winner won’t be as good as it should be and is said to make no sense as it does in the case of betting the real matches.

Virtual sports in the European countries

For the last few years, the European countries have become more open to the virtual sports. It is mostly noticeable in the western part of the continent. An increasing number of bookmakers is extending their offer to the opportunity of placing a bet on the virtual sports. It is so because of the fast popularity growth of such sport “discipline”.