What sports discipline is the best to bet on?

Sports betting can be very profitable...

Table of contents:
  • What sports discipline is the best to bet on?
  • First sport to choose from is Football
  • American Football is yet another choice
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Summary and conclusion
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What sports discipline is the best to bet on?

Sports betting can be very profitable, especially if you choose the right sport and pick the options that will suit you. However, before you decide on the best sport to bet on, we have to answer on one, quite essential, question. Do you want to find the easiest sports to bet on or perhaps the best sport to bet for the professional?

Once you answer this question, we will be able to help you and provide you with necessary information regarding the right sport for you. Of course besides choosing the right sport to bet on, we will also indicate which sports bets are the easiest. In this article we will focus on the analysis of different sports – both popular and exotic ones.

First sport to choose from is Football

Football is certainly the most popular sport in the world. For this reason, a number of people claim this is also the best sports discipline to bet on. However, be cautious with choosing this sport, because contrary to what you may think, this is not the best discipline mainly due to its popularity.

Because everyone claims to know something about football, the bookmakers tend to provide us with lower odds than we could find in other sports. What is more, the team that consists of 11 footballers and numerous substitutes is much more difficult to follow and to be up to date with latest information than in case of a discipline with one player.

If; however, you are still into football betting, we highly encourage you to choose simple bets, especially at the beginning. Choosing much more complex and advanced bets that require from you a huge knowledge, expertise, and of course experience make it almost impossible to profit from football bets.

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American Football is yet another choice

As you can guess, American Football is the most popular event to place on in the United States. Traditionally, the most famous and the most recognizable event when it comes to American Football is NFL Super Bowl. It is such a huge event that literally everyone in the US watches it. Unfortunately, similarly to what European Football offers, it is not the greatest way to place profitable bets.

The same downsides we listed in Football applies in case of its American counterpart. Because of its popularity, it is difficult to find the right odds. Of course if we are willing to take a risk, we can still place a wager on one of the least common options. Noteworthy is the fact that the performance of particular player is much more important than in case of soccer. What is more, the chance for the injury to occur is much higher, so there is even higher number of irregularities that can influence the outcome.


A lot of people claim that Tennis is the best sport to bet on. Well, from a point of view of profitability, it is much better choice than both European and American football. The most popular athletes are in most cases celebrities, so it is very easy to be up to date with their latest shape. What is more, we receive a lot of data to analyse. Leaks, rumours, or Instagram photos – we can use them all.

In other words, we can make much more accurate predictions and, as a result, place bets that have the higher chance of being successful. Of course bear in mind that there are still several categories of tennis betting we should avoid. One of the examples is betting on the double team. More athletes to the equation means more data to analyse and more variables to matter.

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The second most popular sports discipline to bet is surely a football. However, at the same time it is one of the most profitable sports we can choose from. It is simply due to the short halftimes. After every halftime, we can assess the performance of our team and, as a result, judge whether it is a good idea to place bets on them or not.

Every good, professional bettor analyses the form of athletes. In case of basketball, we can use halftimes to get the opinion and, if we want, try out live bets if we wish to.


According to the players from United States, Baseball is the best sport to bet on. This is third most popular category and, for Americans, it is a national sport. Like basketball, baseball offers us a lot of breaks. Thanks to that we can analyse the performance and adjust our bets. This is why live betting, similarly to what we noticed in baseball, is much better option.


Boxing is definitely one of the best sports to bet on, especially if we are looking for a way to make some profits. One of the reasons is that if we prepare ourselves and gather substantial amount of information, we will gain profits from it. There are only two fighters to focus on and in many cases, it is very simple to find information about them.

Since we receive access to a large number of statistics, we can learn about their approximate fighting time and, as a result, learn about their physique and stamina without watching a single match! Of course we encourage to do that because if you watch fights, you may learn the pros and cons each fighter has and then use it to our advantage.


Contrary to what you may think, golf is not a good idea when it comes to betting. We need to remember that there is a limited number of live betting options. It is of utmost importance, because live betting is where we can find the best odds. We can easily predict the outcome for a short while. Nevertheless, golf matches are quite long and if we are not into big risks, we will have very difficult time in finding interesting odds.

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Although a lot of people bet on hockey, it is not a desirable option, especially if we wish to make some profits. In terms of betting, this sports discipline is similar to American football. Yes, there are a lot of short rounds that can offer us a time to analyse the performance. Nevertheless, the high risk of injury that may result in losing the biggest star of the team means that the sport is too risky to bet.

Summary and conclusion

Choosing the right sports discipline is very important. We shouldn’t focus on the ones we love watching, because in most cases we would not be objective and, unfortunately, it may result in doing mistakes dictated by emotional involvement. What is more, watching matches casually doesn’t mean that we are experts on a particular sport category.